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A cooperative preschool is a community program designed to bring parents and grandparents of toddlers together. Toddlers are adorable, strong willed, and sometimes exhausting people. Coming to Midland cooperative and being with other adults is like a breath of fresh air. Since the age groups of our classes are so close, the kids cycle through stages of development and pushing boundaries around the same times. It is a powerful thing to be able to get feedback from fellow parents about the trials of toddlerdum.

Cooperative preschools are community-based. This means that each family plays a role in helping the school run. Everyone has different strengths. Please look over the below job descriptions to see what you would like more information about. These jobs have been designed to fit into the busy family lives we all have.

Board Positions

Board meetings are set with us all together so we can compare schedules. This is a kid-free thing (woo hoo, a break!).


Co-President/Fundraising Chair

Treasurer- Step by step instructions provided




Class Representatives (3)


Classroom Manager (3)

Each person takes home the classroom laundry once a month based on a rotating schedule for each classroom manager so in effect it gets done weekly: cleaning washcloths, cleaning aprons, fabric baby dolls, doll blankets, soft fabric toys (i.e. yarn balls), plush stuffed toys, children’s kitchen aprons, dress-up clothes (i.e. scarves), etc. This will ensure our classroom remains healthy and clean. Also regularly makes play-dough for the school as requested by the teachers. No experience necessary; we’ve got an easy play dough recipe available.

Cleaning Chair (1)

We have school cleanings 3 times a year. This position is to organize the cleaning date and sign ups for each date. The cleanings go fast and we always have 100% participation from families.

Farmers Market Chair (1)

This position is to handle the sign ups of the once monthly farmers market we participate in from April-September. This is our main source of advertising. Everything is organized and ready to go, all you have to do is ask for volunteers. (ppssstt, they are really fun to work too)

Health & Safety(1)Board Position

Works with membership/secretary to keep records of immunization forms and pertinent health information (i.e. allergies) up-to-date for each child and working parent. Fill out a fast safety checklist once per quarter for our insurance.

Fundraising Committee (5)

Assists the VP in organizing and running fundraisers. Responsible for collecting fundraising paperwork from your class and communication with your class regarding fundraising.

If you have questions or would like more information about any of the positions, please contact us.

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