As a cooperative preschool our success hinges on the participation of each family. In addition to helping in the classroom a few times per quarter, every family at Midland will be asked to either serve on the executive board or to join a committee.

Board Positions



  • Plan and conduct executive board meetings
  • Be responsible for carrying on the progress of the school
  • Be the official representative of the school.
  • Keep records of binding documents.


Vice President

  • Assume President’s responsibilities as necessary.
  • Plan and execute fundraisers.
  • Maintain a notebook of information necessary for running the organization.



  •  monthly-prepare treasurer’s report for board meeting
  • bi-quarterly- payroll (with Bates help)
  • quarterly- collect/record/deposit tuition, pay Bates fees to Bates, turn in payroll information to Bates bookkeeper
  • annually- set budget, 990-N (IRS) which is a simple online process, renew non-profit status, renew property tax exemption status, and complete charitable donation status to WA state
  • Pay bills, reimburse people



  • Manage registration paperwork
  • handle correspondence with prospective families



  • Take minutes at all meetings and make them available to the classes by posting a copy at the site, within 1 week.
  • Take care of necessary correspondence.
  • Maintain a notebook of activities performed during the year to be given to the incoming secretary.



  • Plan publicity activities to recruit students. Past activities include visiting mom/baby groups or setting up a booth at the farmers market.
  • Maintain stock of and oversee distribution of fliers. Fliers will be posted at places of interest to prospective families.
  • Organize and host 2 open houses
  • Manage website and social media pages


Class Representatives (4)

  • Attend all board meetings
  • Be the liaison between the executive board and the class
  • share concerns of parents with the board
  • share information during parent meetings from the board meeting
  • Be responsible for the parent education library located on site
  • Collect fundraising money for the class and review it to make sure the amounts ordered and the amounts collected are the same (if there is no fundraising committee person for your class)
  • Help orient families that join mid-year


Committees and Volunteer Positions


Classroom Manager (4)

Each person takes home the classroom laundry once a month based on a rotating schedule for each classroom manager so in effect it gets done weekly: cleaning washcloths, cleaning aprons, fabric baby dolls, doll blankets, soft fabric toys (i.e. yarn balls), plush stuffed toys, children’s kitchen aprons, dress-up clothes (i.e. scarves), etc. This will ensure our classroom remains healthy and clean. Also regularly makes play-dough for the school as requested by the teachers. No experience necessary; we’ve got an easy play dough recipe available.


Scholastic Book Order Coordinator (1)

Takes care of all aspects of book orders (handing out information, collecting orders, placing the order, distributing books). Scholastic mail/orders will be delivered to the church.


School Supplies Committee (2)

Coordinates with the teachers and the board to acquire needed school supplies. Seeks parent volunteers to provide school supplies. Works with the teachers and treasurer to purchase supplies for the school that are not donated.


T-shirt Coordinator(s) (1-2)

Secures a vendor and oversees the sales and production of school t-shirts. T-shirt designs and a list of recommended vendors already exist. Ideally, one sale will occur in the fall quarter, and one will be in the spring.


Risk Management (1)

Follow Bates materials for reviewing areas of risk; propose to the Board any corrections for areas of high risk that were noted. Submit Risk Management form to Bates once a quarter. Attend training class offered by Bates.


Health & Safety(4)

Works with membership/secretary to keep records of immunization forms and pertinent health information (i.e. allergies) up-to-date for each child and working parent. Follow Bates guidelines provided for this position. Will also conduct quarterly fire drills and complete the assembly of a school earthquake kit. Bates College guidelines will be provided for this position.


Fundraising (5)

Assists the VP in organizing and running fundraisers. Responsible for collecting fundraising paperwork from your class and communication with your class regarding fundraising.


Publicity Committee (1)

Assist publicity chair with creating/posting flyers (once or twice a year), open house preparations (twice a year), assembling/mailing publicity packets in the Spring and brainstorming publicity ideas. Most responsibilities take place in the Spring and during the Summer at the farmer’s markets and late summer open house.


If you have questions or would like more information about any of the positions, please contact us.