Board Positions

Toddlers are adorable, strong-willed, and sometimes exhausting people. Coming to Midland Coop and being with other adults is like a breath of fresh air. Since the age groups of our classes are so close, the kids cycle through stages of development and pushing boundaries around the same times. It is a powerful thing to be able to get feedback from fellow parents about the trials of toddlerdum.

Cooperative preschools are community-based. This means that each family plays a role in helping the school run. Everyone has different strengths; please look over the board positions below to see what you would like more information about. These jobs have been designed to fit into the busy family lives we all have.


Plans and conducts meetings, while being the official representative and record-keeper for the school

Co-President/Fundraising Chair

Assumes the President’s responsibilities as necessary, while handling fundraisers and maintaining info for running the school


Handles responsibilities like payroll, tuition, Bates fees, and the budget; with help from Bates


Manages registration and correspondence with prospective families


Takes meeting minutes and maintains business notes to help next year’s secretary


Plans fundraising and open house events for recruiting new families, and manages publications like social media and this website (hey, that’s me!)

Class Representatives

Class reps attend board meetings and act as liaisons between the classes and the board, while helping orient families who join mid-year

Health and Safety

Maintains students’ immunization records and pertinent health information (i.e. allergies), and handles the quarterly safety checklist

Other support

Additional helpful responsibilities various parents can take on include taking classroom laundry home to wash once a month, and making play dough (don’t worry — it’s a cinch, and we provide the recipe). All parents are expected to help with periodic school cleanings and fundraisers.

If you have questions or would like more information about any of the positions, please contact us.