About Us

Midland Cooperative curriculum is 100% play-based. We understand that our youngest learn best in an environment where they can be active and creative explorers. We achieve this by providing opportunities in play that help them be confident about what they can physically do, help them acquire learning skills by solving problems and asking questions, help develop language and communication skills, develop independence and self-control, provide social interactions and experience being part of a group.

Our curriculum sets goals in the specific areas of:

Due to the age group and diapering of the children, our insurance mandates all parents stay on site during school hours. This time-tested set up works out well for the children. Most one and two years old’s don’t like being far from their parents. Kids need to learn how to be away from us in a positive way. Our school is a fantastic segue to a drop off preschool and parents still get parent time to chat about things that come up when you have a  toddler. Children are free to come and go between the parent room and the playrooms.

If you are interested in one of our scholarships or if you have questions, please contact us.