Payment Options

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You can pay your child’s tuition online through Jovial or make a tax deductible donation¬†with PayPal.


Tuition Information

  • Yearly (one time) Registration fee: $45
  • Monthly Tuition: $55
  • Quarterly Bates Fees: $13.80
  • Additional Siblings will receive 25% discount
  • 10% Military Discount
  • Non-mobile infants are welcome to attend in a babycarrier pack with parent and enrolled sibling for no additional fee
  • Scholarships available

Tuition Payment

Please click here to visit¬†Jovial to pay for costs & fees. If you haven’t used Jovial before fill in your primary email and a confirmation email will be sent to you.

To make a donation through PayPal click the button below.

Please use the email when prompted, it helps donations go to the correct account!